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Wording: Halloween Party Invitations

There is a time to be good
and a time to be bad
but this time...
good times for all will be had!
Join our celebration
at the bewitching hour
Before we put Halloween to rest...
We'll have plenty of food, wine,
and spirits at our nest!
Please join us for our annual
Halloween Party
Mummies rising from the grave...
Now is the time to be brave!
Do you see what's drawing near?
Halloween is almost here!
Attention all zombies:
It's time to loosen your dressings
and party 'til the sun comes up!
I see a party in your future!
It is written in the stars ...
____ and ________
are having a mystical
All Hallow's Eve gathering.
Consider yourself
I vant you to come to my party!
Join us in the Village
for Bloody Marys
on Halloween night
The moon is full, the wind is chill...
This Halloween will be quite a thrill!
A howling time awaits you this eve,
but beware for you may not want to leave!
Join us for some spooky shenanigans .
Dragons with scales
and witches with hats
It's time to dress up
and avoid black cats
Come to our house
there will be plenty of treats
for goblins and ghouls who like to eat sweets
Halloween! Halloween!
Oh what SPOOKY things I've seen!
Bats and mice
and goblins too!
They're all invited,
and so are you!
We're having a Monster Bash!
Pumpkins and candles
witches and bats
decorations for handles
and tall pointy hats
Come one come all
to our Halloween ball
Dress up and pretend
We'll party until the end
Goblins and ghouls oh what a sight...
Beware of the witch that flies at night
Scary demons and monsters too
would all like to party with you
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