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Wording: Picnic Family Reunion Invitations

Picnic & Family Reunion
It's summertime!
It's time to have fun!
So we're having a picnic,
and we hope you can come!
Haley's comet is quite a sight
as is a lunar eclipse
on a clear night...
but whatever the phenomenon,
we hope you will come
to our physics club picnic
and have lots of fun!
Come join us for the 5th Annual
Family Reunion Weekend
for the _________ Family
O, say can you see...
By the charcoal's flame
It's a company picnic
to celebrate Independence Day!
We're having a picnic and we'd like you to come!
We've got all the burgers, dressings, and buns!
We've planned some great games and they'll be lots of fun.
Please join our family and bring everyone!
_____ Family Reunion
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